Dell XPS 13 – Review

Dell XPS 13, introduced progressing this year, is arguably a best cover of 2015. The strange won a Editor’s Choice award, impressing us with a glorious battery life, pleasing arrangement and slim dimensions. Now, with a recover of Intel’s new 6th-generation Core processors, it

OnePlus X – Review

I recently had a review about a significance of pattern and good looks in a universe of smartphones. One side questioned possibly a phone should be judged on a looks during all, and a other pronounced it should be a incomparable care when a

Toshiba Portege Z20T – Review

Toshiba Portege Z20T is a 2-in-1 laptop-tablet combo that tries to be all to everyone. The inscription apportionment has a inexhaustible 12.5-inch, 1080p screen, it’s flattering if not unusually portable, and it can be docked into a veteran keyboard that turns it into a

SlimPort Nano-Console – Review

The SlimPort Nano-Console enables we to counterpart comparison Android smartphones or tablets on your categorical TV. It’s being billed as a kind of set-top box and gaming console prolongation for mobile devices. It’s a intelligent idea, yet a makers have taken their time putting

iPad Pro – Review

A lot of people didn’t know a initial iPad approach behind when. You’d hear things like “what a reticent thought — It’s too big!” or jokes about it customarily being a vast iPhone. Then a iPad went on to flog off an wholly new

Best iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

So, we usually threw down some critical money on a iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The shade is many bigger than a prior models, sure, nonetheless that also leaves some-more genuine estate receptive to a occasional scratch, nick, or drop. And deliberation it’s going

Android Wear – Watchphones

The Android Wear smartwatch height continues to evolve, and in a latest refurbish from Google, it looks like we’ll be saying a lot some-more watch phones entrance soon. The new chronicle adds support for mobile connectivity to Android Wear, paving a approach for a

Apple Music For Android Users On Google Play Store

Apple Music has taken a subsequent large step in apropos a head-to-head Spotify competitor, now strictly permitted to millions of Android users around an app on a Google Play store.The pierce to offer Apple’s paid streaming song use to mobile devices for users outside a Cupertino cult

Samsung Pay – Mobile Payment System

Mobile payments are unequivocally heating adult in 2015, after Apple done a outrageous pull into a space with Apple Pay, and Google introduced Android Pay. Now, Samsung has assimilated a ravel with a possess mobile remuneration complement called Samsung Pay. Here’s what we need to